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How can I tell you how I feel?

With the sun collapsing down into the faraway horizon, one could brightly see the dark wings of  blackbirds who danced across the wind. Molten sunshine dripped back into the sky with coelesing tendrils of gold and bronze, coating the heavans in shining light. Precious stones were cast into the cooling sky, layers of powdered amathyst sprinkled across clouds while the coming dimonds sparked dimly behind a curtain of light still shrouding them. Still strong was the barrier between night and day.

How can I convince you of something you may never believe?

My eyes were open, seeing only a myriad of dead foliage and earth. It was thick and colored a darker brown than my own hair. Yet I watched as you laughed and played amongst the trees, skin as pale as ever. Your hands grasped at the few butterflies that glided slowly away, catching only a brush of silken wings or a breath of air as they clung to freedom. You always did prefer the lapis spots and agate shimmers of their wings, to the responsablity of being my partner.

How can I tell you

The forest still smelt of earth and honey, leaves the color of turquiose whispering faint promises in my ears. Claws sank soundlessly into the leaves, while my teeth were bared in a useless snarl.
The hole in my heart was nothing compared to the one you put through my skull.
You betrayed me.
I made one mistake, and you killed me.

How could you?

Evening approached, and the canine spirit slunk under shadows and dimonds, soundless and formless.
Black-winged avians sang for the moon to rise, and the clouds to pave its way.

I loved you.

You killed me.

I hate you.
A tale of a Dog in the Forest.

A contest Entry for TwistedTales
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March 15, 2010
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